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Free vedic math books download

Vedic Mathematics - Ancient Fast Mental Math (Discoveries, History, and Sutras)

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. E-book of Vedic Math on Fast Calculation. Virender Kumar mehta. Making copies of this book or any portion there of for any purpose other than your own is a violation of copy rights law.

Note: For easy learning of different types of information related to few events, religion, famous personalities, etc author has used some ridiculous associations. There is no meaning of it except learning the related information.

Vedic Maths Pdf

Students generally have a sort of phobia from maths. For them, the numbers sometimes become mere symbols written on the black board. But here, we would invite you to the world where numbers play with you, come alive and stop being mere symbols written on the black board and lead you to the virtual tour of intellectual journey where calculations fascinates you, thrills you and become very simple and easy to deal with.

Our mind operates very fast and has a variety of operational properties and we have tried our level best to make the reader to use his hidden potential.

This E-Book contains vedic memory methods to speed up maths calculation especially for aspirants of competitive exams. We have a very rich heritage of our ancient mathematicians who discovered numerous easy methods to do any degree of complex calculation. In this E- Book, the methods described are based upon Vedic Ganit which was rediscovered from ancient Sanskrit texts earlier this century by Bharti Krishan Tirthaji Maharaj.

This is the E- Book designed by Virender Mehta due to recieving numerous request mails to explain some short cut methods used in competitive mathematics, he is sharing this important E-Book with the readers.

The methods described in this E-Book are extremely beneficial for the aspirants of all competitive exams. He takes delight in working out huge problems mentally-sometimes even faster than electronic gadgets like calculators or computers. These methods are also useful for our daily life to calculate anything like numbers, calculations, bills, interest or any kind of transcation. The reader for sure would enter into the world of enchantment for maths with our author Virender Mehta.

Example: 4 52 9 52 3 52 4x5 5x5 9x10 5x5 3x4 5x5 20 25 90 25 12 25 4 3 52 1 1 52 43x44 5x5 11x12 5x5 25 25 Exercise: Find out the square of following numbers 35 55 65 85 95 Written by: Virender Mehta World Record Holder in Memory visit www. Now write down the result in the answer along with the multiplication of the same second digit of the numbers.

Deposit Rs. Description of all memory boosting concepts and methods. Description of functioning of brain. Personality development from memory power. Importance of self hypnosis, meditation and concentration power.

Techniques to remember English vocabulary. Techniques to excel in competitive exams. Techniques to prevent memory loss.Please find below a range of free books on the subject of Vedic Mathematics. A good free introductory ebook in Spanish can be found here. The ". From our point of view, the best situation you can end up with is receiving spam email etc, with the worst scenario's being someone using your credit card or having virus's or spyware installed onto your computer.

We only ask that you do not upload them to any other place on the Internet without consulting us first and where the document is hosted on another website, please consult with the original author first.

This book is designed for teachers of children in grades 3 to 7. It shows how Vedic Mathematics can be used in a school course but does not cover all school topics see contents. The book can be used for teachers who wish to learn the Vedic system or to teach courses on Vedic mathematics for this level.

The Manual contains many topics that are not in the other Manuals that are suitable for this age range and many topics that are also in Manual 2 are covered in greater detail here. Author: A. Nicholas, K. This is an advanced book of sixteen chapters on one Sutra ranging from elementary multiplication etc. It deals with i calculation of common functions and their series expansions, and ii the solution of equations, starting with simultaneous equations and moving on to algebraic, transcendental and differential equations.

The text contains exercises and answers. This book demonstrates the kind of system that could have existed before literacy was widespread and takes us from first principles to theorems on elementary properties of circles. It presents direct, immediate and easily understood proofs. These are based on only one assumption that magnitudes are unchanged by motion and three additional provisions a means of drawing figures, the language used and the ability to recognise valid reasoning.

It includes discussion on the relevant philosophy of mathematics and is written both for mathematicians and for a wider audience. Following various lecture courses in London an interest arose for printed material containing the course material. This book of 12 chapters was the result covering a range topics from elementary arithmetic to cubic equations. These worksheets are designed for use with the DVD Basic Course, anyone is welcome to download and use them.

Answers are given at the end of each sheet. Practice Lesson 2. Practice Lesson 3. Practice Lesson 4. Practice Lesson 5.

Free vedic math books download

Practice Lesson 6. Practice Lesson 7. Practice Lesson 8. Practice Lesson 9. Practice Lesson Road Ind. Area, Ghaziabad U. Anil Kumar Teotia Sr. Publication Team Navin Kumar, Ms.In addition to the books in our Bookstore we recommend the titles shown below. As there are now many books published on Vedic Maths we list here only those known to us as good books, either because we have seen the book or it has been recommended by one of our team. If you would like to send a copy of a book to us please send to the following address but please note this will not guarantee we will list it on this page.

We performed a web search for other books on Vedic Mathematics last updated April-May The results of this can be found on the links in the menu on the right. They lead you into some unique, enjoyable and very quick methods of working with numbers.

There are full descriptions of these methods together with worked examples for you to follow and plenty of practice exercises. They are in workbook style so answers can be written in the spaces provided.

Welcome to !

The answers are at the back of the book to check your work. The aim is to introduce some of the Vedic mathematical techniques and not to cover the whole of the mathematics syllabus for 11 - 13 year-olds.

The books can be used for support material, extension material or simply by those wishing to find fast techniques for solving problems.

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Vedic Maths is based on a few simple rules that enable you solve all types of mathematical problems. In this series, each rule is represented by a hat specifically designed to convey something of the meaning of the rules.

Book 1 covers fast methods for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction puzzles, number patterns, stories, digital roots and decimals. Book 2 develops further the methods for multiplication and division and includes squaring, products and factors, fractions, algebra, equations, decimals, ratio and proportion, percentages, averages, problems.

Complement 1 2. Subtraction 7 3. Multiplication by Specific Numbers 35 4. Base Multiplication 59 5. Working base Multiplication 87 6. Multiplication 97 7. Algebra 8. Digital Roots 9. Divibility Does your child struggle to understand Algebra?

Now, your child will be able to understand these complex mathematical equations with, The Easiest Way to Understand Algebra: Algebra Equations with Answers and Solutions. This new book aims to teach children simple solutions to the problems posed This book is intended to be used by children ages 5 to 6. Other age groups will also benefit from the book.

Anyone can use this book globally, although the curriculum may differ slightly from one region to the other. This is so because the core content of Mathematics is the same around the world This free e-Book covers how to This free e-Book covers how This is a textbook on the Principles of Business Statistics.

This textbook will assist readers in conducting the more complicated analyses in the study of Advanced Statistics. Another chapter focusing on Elementary Trigonometry has been added. This textbook on Mathematics is intended for 2nd graders.

It is divided into four terms. A teacher's resource in mathematics containing topics on linear equations, linear programming, mathematics of finance, sets and counting, probability, Markov chains, and game theory.

Vedic Maths App

A reference for students in basic Algebra covering topics on counting numbers and phrases, equalities and inequalities, addition, subtraction, signed number phrases, co-multiplication and values among others. Showing results: of Published: Jul Downloads: Pages: Mathematics: Ages 5 to 6 Glen K.

Published: May Downloads: Pages: Published: Mar Downloads: Pages: Published: Apr Downloads: Pages: Calculating Advanced Statistics John R. Arithmetic for Engineers Charles B.Please note, the most recent publications are at the bottom of the page. For teachers or parents of children in grades 3 to 7 who wish to learn the Vedic system and teach it. Revised edition For teachers or parents of children in grades 5 to 10 who wish to learn the Vedic system and teach it.

Pothi paperback for India only : Rs.

Free vedic math books download

For teachers or parents of students in grades 9 to 14 who wish to learn the Vedic system and teach it. The Cosmic Calculator Course.

Revised Pothi paperback for India only : Book 1 Rs. The Natural Calculator. This is an elementary book on mental mathematics. Vedic Mathematics. This is the original book by Bharati Krsna Tirthaji which introduced the system to the West. Discover Vedic Mathematics. This has sixteen chapters each of which focuses on one of the Vedic Sutras or sub-Sutras, showing many applications of each.

Concise and comprehensive. This book shows applications of Pythagorean Triples like 3,4,5. Vertically and Crosswise. This is an advanced book which focuses on one Vedic Sutra: Vertically and Crosswise. Astronomical Applications of Vedic Mathematics. Various astronomical applications. New edition Why Do We Calculate Backwards? This is a basic, easy to read, book which shows that we do in fact calculate backwards.

It explains the advantages of calculating from left to right and demonstrates how easy it is to work this way. It does not claim we should use only left to right methods. First edition The Circle Revelation.Search for: Search. Search Results for "vedic-mathematics". It relates to the truth of numbers and magnitudes equally applicable to all sciences and arts. Many of the chapters deal with computations using simple techniques which will shorten the effort involved in the conventional approach.

The price one pays, of course, is that one has to learn the tricks, memorize them and use the appropriate one for each problem. While one might think that this takes away the generality of the modern approach, it certainly has the element of charm and intrigue which children [and grown-ups!

Even working out why many of these approaches lead to correct results is a valuable exercise by itself. Contents Foreword, Preface, Feedback, Introduction, 1. Vedic Mathematics Pradeep Kumar — This wonderful tool has been developed on the basis of ancient Indian principle. This unique method of calculation is a book for students. It helps them to increase their speed of working with figures, independently of electronic computing machines.

Free vedic math books download

This book will give you the cutting edge in crucial competitive examinations, and helps you steer your career towars the pinnacle of success. Vedic Mathematics for Schools James T. Glover — Hindu mathematics. Author : James T. Glover Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ. The book also deals with the initial stages of solving equations, coordinate geometry, approximations, indices, parallels, triangles, ratio and proportion as well as other topics.

Once a basic grounding has been established with the Vedic methods the next stage is the beginning of discrimination. A problem is set and, armed with several techniques, the student must choose the easiest or most relevant for achieving the solution. This book deals with some of the steps required for this training.Vedic Maths Pdf : Students who are searching for the Vedic Mathematics techniques and tricks those are at right place. Here we have provided the Vedic maths tricks for multiplication pdf for all our viewers, Students who want to know the Vedic maths tricks those can download the Vedic mathematics secrets pdf which we have provided here.

We can find many Vedic mathematics books in nearer shop centers, but we are advised to all the viewers to download the Vedic maths ppt and save your money for outside shopping. Vedic mathematics pdf is available below, Students who are studying Vedic Maths sutras those can follow the Vedic mathematics tricks and download the Vedic mathematics books pdf. Vedic maths tricks pdf is mentioned below, Students who are browsing Vedic maths books online those can download the Vedic mathematics tricks pdf.

Vedic Maths Pdf.

Free vedic math books download

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